Staying abreast of the latest technologies is vital in any industry, and when planning events, it can be the difference between success and failure. WM Events is no stranger to adopting innovations – case in point, our re:EVENT-ion during the pandemic. So we’ve been keeping a close eye on the variety of new technologies available, including artificial intelligence (AI), to add efficiency, heightened experience, and customized fun to events of all sizes. And we’ve been putting them into action, delivering cutting-edge features that make our events better and our clients happier. 

What can AI really do for us today? 

Like most industries, event planning includes some activities that are standard across projects. When it comes to repetitive tasks, AI platforms can help by automating functions like scheduling and sending reminders, while content generators can quickly whip up meeting recaps, review action items, develop sound bites, and provide real-time answers to prompts. Turning over these types of time-consuming tasks can free up time for human team members to dedicate themselves to the more creative and hands-on aspects of event planning.

While AI is excellent at brainstorming lists and drafting concepts, it also requires more oversight than the greenest intern. Human verification is a must because when an AI content generator doesn’t know the answer, it will simply make up a response. Yikes!

Additionally, getting what you want from the platform requires savvy prompting, and even then, the response may lack creativity and nuance. 

AI Content Generator Case Study

Here’s an example of AI creating a good skeleton but not an executable event. We prompted the presentation generator platform Tome to create a spooktacular Halloween party plan. Here are some of the ideas and images we got:

WM Events AI Presentation

Clearly, human intervention is a must to make what AI provides presentable. Luckily, the WM Events team is expert at navigating this changing world of technology.

Here are some of the latest and greatest ways we have successfully added AI and other technology to our events, as well as a few newcomers we look forward to incorporating soon!

Social Media and Chatbots

Keeping up with the Jones’s is one thing, but keeping up with social media can be a major challenge, especially leading up to and during a huge event with thousands of invitees and lots of moving parts. With the assistance of AI-powered chatbots, many questions can be answered immediately, while staff stays focused on the on-site tasks. Of course, AI is not a complete replacement for human engagement on social media, but during crunch time, it is a big help!

Mabra Graduation Atlanta, GA Social Event Planning WM Event Planning and Design (18)  WM Events AI Technology Social Media  

Robot Bartenders

Waiting for a cocktail can make minutes feel like hours. Adding robo-bartenders to the mixology mix can speed up the process and let guests get in on the action. Event attendees can order drinks from their phone and pick them up quickly, then get back to enjoying the presentations, entertainment, and each other.  

Augmented Reality Filters

We’ve been using AR and VR (virtual reality) for several years now, and these technologies offer an ideal way to add customization to an event. Now driven by AI, these platforms can lead guests on individualized tours, assist them with floorplans and agendas, add pop-up images and experiences, and enhance branding in a non-physical way with unlimited options.  

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Holographic Presenters

Not just for TV interviews and concerts, holograms are an innovation that can connect audiences near and far to corporate execs, speakers, celebrities, and more. Because these 3D light images can project virtually anything, you don’t need to limit your ideas to contemporary people or even humans at all. Company or team mascot? No problem!

Printed Pieces from Tiny Tattoos to Large-Scale Murals

People are fascinated by the process of how things get made, and you can bring that element to an event with today’s plethora of printers. We’ve used them to provide customized temporary tattoos – a company logo with the employee’s name creates a stronger connection than a logo alone – and larger items too. Massive large-format printers take this concept to another level as an event activation that allows attendees to get involved by making decisions about what will be represented, then watching it happen.

WM Events AI Technology  WM Events AI Technology  WM Events AI Technology

Data, Data, Data 

Following a social event, qualitative and anecdotal feedback from guests is usually plenty. But when we’ve just planned a high-ticket event or meeting for a corporate client, information is king. With AI assistance, the feedback loop on engagement can happen in real time, and the post-event reporting is faster and more robust.

When we plan events, we keep human connection top of mind – that is truly our raison d’être. But we’re thrilled when the latest “artificial friends” can help us enhance and deepen those connections.

* This blog was written without AI assistance. 🙂

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