When we flipped the page on our calendar, we were “too, too” excited to ring in the New Year. Setting our sights on 2022, we started ticking off the many events, occasions, and milestones we are looking forward to as a team and individually. And because there is not enough of it going around, we decided to share all this good news with you. We hope this positivity will go viral in a good way.  

Put a Ring on It 

We’ve had WM Events weddings before, and we’ve produced more than our fair share, but this will be the first year in company history that we’ll celebrate three magical unions. Our own Leigh Clemmons, Olivia Allen and Tigest Gashaye are scheduled to make it official this year. Stay tuned for photos… 

See some of our favorite weddings here 

WM Events 2022


Growth & Opportunity 

The world looks different than it did a couple of years ago, and so does our industry. We’ve been grateful that WM Events has adjusted to the changing times and expanded into new areas of event expertise. Our flexibility and resilience have enabled us to offer bigger and bolder opportunities. In 2022, we’re looking forward to hosting more events across the country, while continuing to grow in Atlanta and remain global through our virtual event offerings.

Several new team members will help make this expansion possible — welcome Jordan, Olivia and Tigest, and Sara and a very excited welcome back to Latoya! 

Check out our recent team photo!

WM Events 2022

We <3 Atlanta

This month, Atlanta welcomed Mayor Andre Dickens, and we are looking forward to the energy he will bring to the office. We’ve gotten to know Mayor Dickens during our work with TechBridge, and we’re excited that his forward thinking will have a positive impact on our home city. 

Along with a new mayor, we have many new neighbors and see big names and new buildings in our skyline like the Norfolk Southern headquarters situated where Midtown and Downtown Atlanta meet, Microsoft and Overtime Elite basketball arena at Atlantic Station, along with the excitement of the Colony Square renovation and numerous residential and live-work spaces going up throughout the city. These new arrivals will change the business mix of Atlanta and provide many new opportunities for our industry and our city as a whole. 

Visit our blog to see where in Atlanta we’ve been recently.

WM Events 2022

Building Community

The foundation of everything is being a good steward, and we’ll be focusing on our role in the community in 2022 as we have always done. It’s an important part of our company ethos. In addition to working with a variety of nonprofit clients, we will continue our volunteer and sponsorship efforts with organizations like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hughes SpaldingSheltering ArmsWestside Future Fund and Caring For Others

We move into 2022 with cheerful anticipation and a sense of optimism. We hope this year brings all of you health, love and prosperity. 

Take a look at some of our nonprofit events.

WM Events 2022

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