Approaching the New Year with a sense of expectation and possibility is nothing, well, new. But this year, that excitement takes on heightened significance, as 2020 has been a particularly challenging year, which is putting it mildly. We don’t think we are alone in stating that we are counting on 2021 big time.

In honor of flipping the calendar, we polled our WM Events team and friends to find out just what everyone is looking forward to in 2021. It was supposed to be a Top 10 list, but once we got started, we found a couple more items to add.


This just has to top the list. Elbow bumps are fun, but nothing beats getting and giving a big bear hug. We’ll even settle for a one-armed, pat-on-the-back type of hug at this point. According to science and NBC News, hugs provide a viable mental and physical health boost. We could have told them that, but they did the research and have the data to back it up. We can’t wait to wrap our arms around 2021 and get back to hugging friends, acquaintances and probably even strangers!

Traveling, Especially Abroad

COVID-19 sure put a damper on travel. From road trips to flying, we did less of it in 2020 and had to rethink how to enjoy it in many cases. Whether a city’s museums were closed, or restaurants offered take-out only, much of what makes travel fun was off the menu. We can’t wait to hit the road at a moment’s notice. And we’re looking forward to hopping on a plane for international exploration when our biggest worry is whether we packed enough socks for a week instead of enough masks and filters. We can’t wait to eat a croissant in Paris, enjoy the beaches of Puerto Rico or get our yoga on in India.


Dining Out

We have endured a year of take-out, restaurant delivery and cooking at home. Some of us have braved restaurant patios, taken a seat at a socially distanced indoor table or given bubble dining a whirl. But it’s just not the same, is it? We look forward to dining out with confidence in 2021, supporting the restaurants we love, and enjoying food the way it’s meant to be. 

Ditching Extreme Disinfecting

Throughout the pandemic, information about how to safely shop, eat and live continued to change. Although it has been determined that surface contamination is not the main way coronavirus is spread, for many people, erring on the side of caution has meant months of washing groceries before putting them away. As if searching for toilet paper wasn’t bad enough, after a trip to the store or acceptance of the Instacart order, it was time to pull out a cloth and start wiping. We won’t miss this practice in 2021.

Rolling with Homies

Before 2020, we hadn’t given much thought to the idea of pods, but when we were told to stay apart, some of us “podded up” with particular friends or family members. Children joined learning pods to enable at least some type of social interaction. We are grateful for those we have been able to see, but we look forward to expanding our social circle and just hanging out with all kinds of friends again – dude from the gym, mom from lacrosse, book club buddy, D&D players – we’ve missed all of you!

Lipstick Dah-ling….

If the face mask has become a fun new way to accessorize, it has also left some of us yearning for the opportunity to wear the most meaningful of makeup. We’re talking about lipstick. From Chanel red to MAC’s Ruby Woo, we are counting the days until we can once again taint our lips without staining our mask. The same goes for most of our 2020-truncated makeup routine, other than lashes, of course.

Getting Physical

True, COVID-19 did not stop us from exercising, and many people embraced home workouts, while others took to the pavement or the trails. Even though we found new ways to stay fit, we look forward to getting back in the gym. This typical New Year’s resolution will take on new meaning in 2021.

Seeing the Smile on People’s Faces

It can be challenging to tell whether someone in a mask is smiling at you or glaring. Maybe they are just squinting in the sun. No matter how hard we have tried to “smize,” there is nothing that beats seeing a big grin on someone’s face. (This is one reason some of us will enjoy putting on the aforementioned lipstick again.) In 2021, we might even start saying “good morning” to strangers on the street rather than move to the far edge of the sidewalk and look away.

Large Gatherings & Big A** Parties

We’ll be glad to see friends and hug strangers, but we also want to get together with hundreds maybe thousands of people at the same time not on Zoom. We await the return of festivals, concerts, parties, sporting events, mass celebrations, conferences, weddings and more. Dr. Fauci says it could be possible in 2021, and we are hoping he is right. We simply don’t want to go another year without the Harry Styles “Love on Tour.”



World Sporting Events

Speaking of large gatherings, we’re looking forward to the global sporting extravaganza that was rescheduled last year. Now planned for July and August 2021 and still taking place in Tokyo, the Olympics have our vote for best summer television marathon. We look forward to cheering for our favorite athletes, counting medals and trying to impress our family members with our knowledge of world flags.


Getting the Vaccine

To make most of the wonderful options described above happen, we’ll gladly raise a sleeve and get the coronavirus vaccine. We’ll think of it as protecting our loved ones as much as ourselves. Also, Bill Gates says it will help. 

Best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year! What are you looking forward to in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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