The brilliant man who started it all – designer, planner, consultant and fashion plate William Fogler founded WM Events in 2004 and believes that guest experience and intimate details are everything. He has made his punctuation mark on the events industry throughout the U.S. and even on a private island in the British Virgin Islands. When this well-traveled gent imagines his signature event, you know it’s going to be epic!

If I were an event, I would be … multiple events because one is not enough! The first would be a destination celebration of a big milestone or significant benchmark, such as a 50th birthday. The celebration would start in Atlanta and carry over to a remote tropical destination.

I would take place … in two exciting but contrasting locations – a glamorous Atlanta event space like the rooftop of Ventanas and a tropical island with gorgeous beaches and spectacular sunsets.

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My theme would be … the Tribe. It would honor the kinship of my guests who have brought so much meaning to my life. Each location would offer a different expression of that theme. In Atlanta, the send-off party would be a more fashion-forward affair that would reflect my eclectic style and be indicative of a hip city event. On the island, I would bring out the sense of Tribe through branded elements that unify guests, such as jewelry and specific attire and styling requests. Additionally, outdoor adventures, group activities and lots of social time would serve to strengthen our bonds.

My décor would be … richly hued greens paired with white and metallics. These colors are reflected in our WM Events logo and have remained my preferred palette for many years.

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My florals would …reflect the environment of the event. In Atlanta, I would focus on Objet d’Art enhanced with unique succulents, air plants and moss. A few orchid blooms would add softness and allude to the tropical destination to come. On La Isla Bonita, the lush surroundings will dictate the look with local floral to inspire exterior and interior settings. Native blooms would be mixed with lush greens to impart a feel of total botanical abundance.

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My entertainment would be …  an embrace the urban vibe for the Atlanta celebration, which I would accomplish through unique presentations of hip hop performed in unusual ways like string quartets. Surprise flash mob-style acts, live artists and ambient performers will bring the city vibe to life. For the island affair, a variety of entertainment would include local historians, who would provide background and context of the island. Local musicians playing Afro-Caribbean and steelpan drums would partner with regional dancers to create an authentic vibe.

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Guests would dine on … a tropically inspired cocktail-style menu in Atlanta. Fresh seafood and sushi dishes infused with exotic flavors would give a nod to the destination event to follow. Once upon the island, chef-prepared meals, made-to-order continental breakfasts and gourmet, curated and site-specific picnic lunches would provide festive nourishment for the Tribe. Whatever the location, the cuisine would be a fusion of my home and favorite destination.

Libations would include … rosé all day! Specialty cocktails would pay homage to local produce and spirits, but watermelon margaritas will get a spot on each drink menu.

My guest list at … the bon voyage party in Atlanta would be open to a few hundred of the people who make my larger community feel like home. In contrast, just 20 of my closest Tribe members would participate in the entire celebration tour, allowing for a more meaningful and intimate experience for all.

My invitation would … inform the guests about the incredible, multifaceted experiences to come. It would be crafted using a few specialty processes – letterpress, laser cutting and foil press. As a transformational piece, each aspect would inform the next with innovative design.

I would incorporate the latest technologies with … a dedicated website for RSVPs, event details and social media capabilities in advance of the event. In Atlanta, guests would be encouraged to snap and share. Upon arrival at the island, we would go more tech-free and focus on mindfulness and personal well-being. The time would be spent enjoying the company and beautiful setting.

My guests will go home with … special necklaces or bracelets that signify the bond of our Tribe. Additionally, plenty of branded items would act as a keepsake of the amazing experience each event offered.

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