We’ve given you pointers on how to set the perfect table for your dinner parties with the help of France & Son. But how are you to put this beautiful tablescape to good use if you or your guests aren’t entirely sure how proper dining etiquette works? Don’t worry; Liberty Tabletop has a solution for this. They’re created a handy little cheat sheet covering all of the basics of dining etiquette.

If you are the kind of person who regularly attends formal dining events, you are unlikely to be baffled by the different forks or stemware found on your table. A black tie event is something to look forward to. But if you don’t usually go to these kinds of events, you might never have needed to know all the rules to follow. You could find yourself less-than keen on attending if you are panicking about doing something wrong.

The chances are that you will attend at least a few formal dining events in your life. Without knowing the rules, these can be occasions to dread. Not knowing the protocols, and trying to avoid making an embarrassing error can see you forgetting to enjoy yourself. These events are still meant to be fun, even if there are more rules to follow!

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