Ping Pong B’nai Mitzvah Denver, CO

Background: This brother and sister duo celebrated their B’nai Mitzah at the Denver Botanic Gardens and partied away at the hip Ace Restaurant where ping pong played a pivotal role in the decor and activities.

Response: Eli and Olivia were over the moon with their table tennis trimmings!


  • Tent Ceiling Treatment
  • Coordinating Pashminas & Decor
  • Custom Paddles Signature Board
  • Ping Pong Themed Centerpieces
  • Hat & Pin Station
  • Candy Station with Oversized Fortune Cookies
  • Custom Eli & Olivia Socks
  • Innovation Chinese Food Station
  • Flashy Cheer Sticks and Glow Necklaces
  • Fun Dancing & Energetic Games
  • Photography by Zorn Photography
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