There is no doubt that Mason Jars have been trending for while now. You’ve seen us use them for just about everything: canning Mrs. Irene’s Pepper Jelly, lighting up a table, and displaying beautiful floral arrangements. But today we’re talking about an even more practical use for that distinctive, glass vessel.

Cuppow! has added to their inventory and now sells a 6 ounce lunchbox adapter called BNTO. Made from BPA / BPS-free rigid plastic, BNTO is dishwasher safe, leaving you with no questions about what’s keeping your food fresh. Simply put a dry food (say, Oreos) inside the mason jar, nestle the filled BNTO cup (with say, milk) inside the jar, and screw the lid into place. Voila! You’ve got a great snack on the go. And with a $7.99 price point, it’s hard to say no. We got ours in the mail today. Let us know what you think!

BNTO Cuppow WM Events Packaging Process Mason Jars BNTO Cuppow WM Events Uses Mason Jars MultipleBNTO Cuppow WM Events Packaging BNTO Cuppow WM Events Uses Mason Jars


-William Fogler
WM Events

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