Some of the biggest trends come in the smallest packages. Miniature vessels holding individual servings are all the rage at corporate and social events this season. Baby bites are a great way to hone in on theme-specific flavors and create unique experiences at your party.

William Neal, consultant at Affairs to Remember and former chef, says that “bite-sized servings force chefs to be creative in the kitchen.” Whether you’re appealing to a sophisticated palate or creating a nostalgic experience, small servings are innovative and effective. Neal points out ATR’s macaroni and cheese spoons that are great on their own, but can also be topped with hot sauce and chicken. Their one-bite steak and potato and baby burger bites are also sure to please any guest. ┬áMiniatures are adorable, fun to eat, and sure to keep your guests coming back for more. Let Wm Events help you design a menu of awesome minis for your next event!

ATR grape rolled

Grapes rolled in bleu cheese and crushed pistachio served on a single-serve spoon


ATR sloppy joe

Brisket sloppy joe on a sesame bun served in a demitasse cup


almond cheese

Almond cheesecake in tiny mason jars. Yes, please!


star nachos

Star shaped tortilla cups that can be filled with your favorite flavors

We found these nachos on, who also featured these cool mini woks.


ATR swiss chard risotto

Swiss chard and walnut risotto in a mini martini glass


cherry peach pie skillet

Mini skillet cherry peach pie

Find mini skillets and more from American Metalcraft


ATR twix shot

Deconstructed Twix bar in a shot glass


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