WM Events would like to welcome everyone to our new website! We have been working extremely hard on this project for quite a while now, wanting to make sure everything was just right. Let’s take a walk through the new features of this gorgeous site.

New Website Features

  1. New Contact Form – Need to get in touch with us? No problem. Every page has a drop down panel that includes our address and phone number for easy access. Or, maybe you’d like to fill out a form that will be directly e-mail us your questions or concerns. That’s fine too!
  2. Social Media Links – Stay connected with us using quick and easy links to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and RSS Feeds.
  3. Scrolling Images – We have six beautiful images that scroll on the homepage so you can quickly get a sense of of our work right away.
  4. Be Amazed – Take a stroll through our image galleries of previous events. They’re all together in one place now, and can be sorted by event type.
  5. Get Inspired – Regularly updated, the blog is where we show our readers the newest and and most clever inspiration. From Dutch floral masterpieces to architectural ribbon structures, this is the place to find the next cool thing.
  6. What We Say – Here is where to find insight into our daily lives. The Twitter feed that posts here is a direct connection to what we’re up to at any given time. #Let’sChat
  7. What They Say – Need a reference? WM Events has got a ton of them. Read what our lovingly complimentary clients have said about our work.
  8. Love This – Somtimes a new trend just grabs a hold of us and won’t let go. This current feature is something we particularly want to share with our readers. You should take a look.
  9. Search – Can’t exactly remember where you saw that picture or statistic? Our search function will do the trick!
  10. Beauty – Everything is clean, clear, and convenient. We hope you enjoy!

-William Fogler
WM Events

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