We’ve been curious about the origin of Midollino wood and it’s possible uses lately. This pliable wood product that can be used in a variety of ways, translates in Italian as “wicker” and is sold in just about every color. Though we mostly see it used in centerpiece designs,  Midollino products included baskets and furniture as well. Check out some inspiration and our personal Midollino creations below.

Accent Decor offers a the product in a variety of colors and suggests inspirational designs on their website.

midollino colors

Bristol Meyers Tall Vases midollino green AD midollino, wm events, william fogler

Here are a few examples of how other designers are incorporating the wood into their designs.

Midollino Wood Centerpiece Sphere Floral Designer WM Events Midollino Wood Centerpiece WM Events

Midollino Wood Centerpiece 3 WM Events Midollino Wood Centerpiece 4 WM Events Midollino Wood Centerpiece Bridal Bouquet WM Events  Midollino Wood Centerpiece Square Floral Designer WM Events

This beautiful outdoor chair from Italian designers Promemoria is called Topazia in Midollino. The wrapping of the midollino is stunning compared to the weave of traditional wicker furniture. On the right is a ceramic and wicker bread basket by Davide Abagnale, Giulia Chiametti that recalls the rustic and natural elements of the bread.

Midollino armchair Midollino-Wood-Bread-Basket-Davide-Abagnale-Giulia-Chiametti-WM-Events.jpg

Lastly, here is our go at the Midollino phenomenon, with special guest Robert caught in action.

WM Events Regents Gala Centerpiece Designer PWP Studios Photography Midollino Wood WM Events Regents Gala Centerpiece Low Version PWP Studios Photography Midollino Wood

Robert Making Stars Midollino Wood WM Events Centerpieces Floral Midollino Wood WM Events Centerpieces Floral Midollino Wood WM Events Tall Centerpieces Floral

-William Fogler
WM Events


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