Timeless Celebration Atlanta, GA

Location: Druid Hills United Methodist ChurchFour Seasons Atlanta

Story: Michelle and Matt are a fun-loving, young couple who wanted to create a memorable and entertaining experience for their guests.


  • Create an event that is fun and exciting from beginning to end
  • Incorporate personal touches into an elegant and timeless design


  • Bright and Elegant Floral Arrangements Add Beautiful Pops of Color to this Timeless, Romantic Ceremony and Reception
  • The Groom’s Love of Pop and Lock Dancing is Incorporated into the Event, Starting with a Bridal Party Dance Down the Aisle that Carried Over into an Exciting Dance Party the Lasted All Night
  • Guests Receive Fun Swag Items Including Hats, Sunglasses, and Feather Boas to Make this a Night to Remember
  • Photography by Eric McCarthy
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