After our recent post on urban garden inspiration, we keep finding other incredible ideas that focus on bringing the country to the city. First, here’s a system that is both stylish and utilitarian. Urbio has created a modular system of attaching plants to your wall with magnetic pucks and tiles that accommodate two sizes of eco-pots using neodymium magnets. These magnets are strong enough to keep the plants on the wall, but can be removed with a firm tug, so you can water the plants under the sink (pumice at the bottom of the pot absorbs the excess). We love the idea of rearranging your garden as easily as the art on your walls.

Urbio-Wall-WM-Events1 Urbio-Wallmount-WM-Events1

We also found this amazing picture that shows that with a little DIY Love you can transform the most ordinary of things into an amazing object d’art. Found in the back of any hardware store or mini mall, shipping pallets can easily be converted into furniture, or apparently, gardens! Simply line the pallet with a fabric or container to house whatever plants, herbs, or veggies you want. You can prop your garden up on your balcony, or line your garden with them for even more space. WM Events loves to re-purpose and up-cycle– especially in an unexpected way.


How have you incorporated a fresh patch of green into your urban life? Let us know in the comments below!!

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