READER BEWARE: This is not so sexy, but I wanted to share a bit of my real life and show you a glimpse of Will the Handy Man.

William is Handy WM Events

Record breaking rains this winter have plagued me with a water problem in my basement. After a bit of research, I designed an easy solution to ease the pain of the water problem. Here is my easy 5 step Sump Pump installation which saved me hundreds of dollars.

The Main Event –

Step ONE:

Select the lowest point where the water can collect and bust a  hole in in the concrete. I used my brand new super-deluxe sledge hammer.

Step one WM Events

Step TWO: Dig a hole approximately 2 times the size of the well. Discard the excess clay soil.

Step THREE: Line the hole with drainage rocks or pea gravel.

Step Three WM Events
Add drainage rock

Step FOUR: For the Well – I repurposed a plastic Ikea trash can – drilling holes in the bottom.  Set the well  in place.

William Fogler istalls a sump pump WM Events

Step FIVE:

Add more drainage rock around the well – set the pump in place.

While this is not the solution to my problem, it is taking away a bit of the hassle.

William Fogler istalls a sump pump

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