A trend gaining momentum in gardening and cuisine these days is ready-to-grow fungus kits. The entire kingdom can basically be grown in your backyard or on your counter top. With companies like Fungi PerfectiEarth’s Tongue, and GMushrooms, growing your own fungi has never been easier- you basically just add water! You can buy one of these Mushroom Cultivation Kits which range from $18 to $40, depending on the variety and size. You can even recycle and compost the indoor kits because they grow in organic substrates like wood chips or sawdust. So the next time you need the perfect ingredient for your favorite recipe, or the cure for cancer, (or just want to look at something pretty) pick that fungi out of the ground and dig in! With this growing fad and companies involved with mushrooms, you’d be surprised with all of the advantages mushrooms bring to the table. Find out more about mushroom’s health benefits and even delicious recipes here!

Mushroom-Kit-WM-Events Mushroom-Kit-Outside-WM-Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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