Client and friend, gallery owner Timothy Tew, known for his impeccable eye for art, style and the visual arts, has just launched The Timothy Tew Jewelry Collection.

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Those of us who know Timothy know his passion for beautiful vintage jewels.  The jewels have become a staple of his transcendent style, and it is no surprise that he would seek out his own collection as an expression of his passion.

 William Fogler and Timothy Tew

I had a chance to view the collection, on display now at TEW Galleries , and speak with Timothy about his love of jewelry.

Timothy explained, “jewelry was among the first things I recognized as beautiful,” and that one of his earliest memories was gazing into his mothers jewelry box and being dazzled by the array of colors and shapes.

gorgeous-pendant-earrings WM Events

The collection encompasses fine estate pieces of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as a few custom pieces designed by Timothy himself.

-William Fogler
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