In Real Life

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Inspired by a DoodlersAnonymous give away contest of Sam Pierpoint doodled shoes, she took to her red sharpie and went to town. Continue reading

From weekly festivals, to food truck meet ups, to constant restaurant weeks, the city is always making sure no one goes hungry. Continue reading

This Labor Day Weekend was epic for Atlanta in terms of going-ons. Just like in highschool, all of the cliques were equally represented in the city. Continue reading

When I was in Martha’s Vineyard a few weeks ago for my friend’s birthday, I had a an opportunity to walk around the historic Boston. Continue reading

Guess what!?! This article marks our 150th blog post!!! How exciting? Continue reading

As you might have noticed from Twitter yesterday, we joined wonderful wedding planners for a luncheon atop of the Melia Hotel. Continue reading

Atlanta ALWAYS has something going on. This past weekend we took it to Edgewood to visit The Beehive’s warehouse sale. Continue reading

We’re back! ….physically at least. I hope you were following all the Facebook and Twitter action over the last week because it was intense. Continue reading

We’ve packed our bags and are heading out the door this minute! Vegas will never know what hit it after our destination wedding renewal. Continue reading