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Juxtaposing classic Southern charm with modern urban beats: jazz n’ juleps, honey suckles n’ highballs, and bluegrass n’ BBQ. Continue reading

This after party was a sexy and whimsical, period-styled noir affair that amazed the attendees. Continue reading

Consider these helpful tips for taking your holiday party planning to the next level. Continue reading

C4 Atlanta is a stunning new event space on a mission to support local artists. Continue reading

Find out what gets our brains going and makes Monday morning meetings a bit more exciting! Continue reading

Give your guests a comfortable and thoughtful gift at your next event. Continue reading

Stylized and flavorful miniature bites will make your next party memorable. Continue reading

Last month we designed the event decor for an educational fundraising gala in the near 22,000 square foot Atrium Ballroom. Continue reading

We recently sat down with Mr. Williams to find out a little more about the man behind the lens. Continue reading

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